Chapter 1
The Horror at Havel's Cross

As night descended upon the heroes, they arrived at the town of Haveny. After a brief visit to an alchemy shop just before closing time, they entered the Spring Sprout an inn that caters primarily to halfings, gnomes, and other small folk. Larissa, Wyatt, and Christine dove headlong into a drinking contest, Darlan remained on the sidelines, and Quinn met with Winsome Landy and two other adventurers: a halfling named Peter Dinklage and a dragonborn Dvengier. 

After a night of failed shenanigans leaving Larissa with an imprint on her chest vaguely similar to Christine's foot, the group set out to the elven temple. The party came upon a strange scene at an inn called Havel's Cross. The scent of death and blood filled the air as well as smoke and charred bone from a former stable. 

Upon further inspection, Quinn and Darlan ambushed some goblins who were ransacking the inn. The party quickly rushed the creatures and sent them fleeing after some aggressive diplomacy. The group collected a large sum of gold from the inn and determined that the goblins were not responsible for the carnage at Havel's Cross. Quinn saw in a vision a humanoid creature eating a freshly killed corpse, and Landy determined that it was likely an undead predator known as a ghoul. The party redoubled their efforts to travel to the temple to discover whether the ghouls took up residence in the ancient site.

Upon entering the dimly lit temple, the heroes found the main chamber empty but for several pillars, an altar, and faded murals. The sounds of crunching bones and slurping were heard in a side chamber, and Quinn's raven familiar confirmed that ghouls had indeed taken up residence in the temple. Two ghouls were quickly dispatched as well as a third which entered from another side chamber.

Do more ghouls dwell in this elven temple? What is the fate of Landy's team? Will the heroes solve the mystery of the elven temple?  

Prologue, Continued
Ambush at the Cairn

On the way to the small town of Haveny, our heroes made camp at a cairn near the main road. This motley crew of mercenaries and scholars was hired by an archaeologist Professor Winsome Landy to escort a relic from an ancient elven temple. Danlar, a half-elf man, and the group's scout noticed a small pack of wolves descending into the valley at twilight. It was not long before the wolves launched themselves at the party. 

The wolves were quickly dispatched but not before the scholarly half-elf Quinn fired at the wolf pack with his scattergun. The shot killed two of the wolves but severely injured his tiefling companion Lorissa. 

After another day-and-a-half's travel, the party arrives at the gates of Haveny.

The Road to Haveny

The party received a letter from a professor Winsome Landy who is part of an archaeological team working at an ancient elven temple in the moorlands of Gavony. She offered them five hundred gold pieces to help the team bring back a relic to the capital city Thraben. The party is still a day and a half away from Haveny where Landy awaits their arrival.

The party rests at a cairn when one of them hears a chilling howl on the wind.

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